Project Delivery and Solution Implementation Service

Once our architects have designed a business transformation blueprint, it’s time to start building and start transformation planning.

Comans has a proven track record of delivering digital business transformation projects on time, within budget, and well beyond client expectations.

Backed by a wealth of in-house experience and expertise, Comans is well placed to drive your business transformation project.


Transformation planning is a critical component of the digital business architecture services we provide.

Once the scope of the transformation project has been defined, our architects will put together an implementation roadmap that not only aligns with timeframes and budget, but also takes into account the operational constraints of your business.

In a number of projects, we have been able to successfully complete digital business transformations without causing any business downtime.


Just like the digital business architecture that we develop, our implementation strategies are highly individualised to suit the needs of your organisation.

Our service capabilities range from strategic planning and guidance to complete end-to-end project management and technical implementation.

We can take ownership of an entire project, or we can work within your team to help you deliver that critical infrastructure or automation project.