Comans Services offers a full range of application and data base services, we can help you modernise and improve your application portfolio.

Delivering customised solutions to help create modern web based applications from legacy architectures.

Consulting with customers to address existing application issues and to help design new solution addressing key business drivers to improve productivity and drive down costs.


Migration of commercial databases like SQL Server and Oracle to open source databases like Postgres, MYSQL and cloud-based databases.

  • Massive saving in licensing, maintenance resource costs
  • Ease of management and regaining control by reducing database sprawl.

Delivery of application architecture based on the cloud to meet custom business requirements using Machine Learning, AI and Analytics.

Discovery phase consulting to help customer’s identity application performance improvement and cost savings also aligning with core business requirements.

Full stack application applications development for mobile platforms – web based and using Progressive Web Apps

Application development

Application development to meet custom needs such as IoT based on cloud infrastructure, blockchain based solutions etc.

Full stack design and development including UI/API/Database

  • UI using Angular/React/Vue
  • API/Microservices

Design and delivery of operational dashboards that address key business functions – which could be any metric driven function.

Architectural optimisation of applications and their database connections both with RDBMS & NoSQL and guidance in implementation.