A Holistic Approach to Business Transformation

Every business has a fundamental need to evolve.

In today’s highly competitive digital world, often the evolution of a business goes hand in hand with their ability to effectively integrate and utilise emerging technologies, methodologies and processes.

In order to achieve this kind of evolution, your business needs a partner who has the tech industry knowledge and strategic capabilities necessary to create a digital transformation blueprint, and then the practical project management acumen required to complete the transformation.

This is what Comans Services offers.

Your business evolution partner.

As digital business transformation architects, we use technology, process and strategy to solve complex business problems. Our business transformation capabilities can be used to resolve a broad range of issues including a lack of visibility, a need to adapt to a changing industry environment, need to cut operational costs or a desire to expand.

Comans Services is your business evolution partner.

Our Solution

We are a small but growing company; we are developing a great core team based on technical expertise and architectural design capability. Our business model is our competitive advantage, it helps us to reduce risks to our business and helps us provide excellent quality and breadth of capability.

We have agreements with excellent resource partners, and we can burst from just a few people to hundreds with no risk to the quality of delivery. We do business and have a presence in Australia and New Zealand; this allows us to support companies that have a presence on both sides of the Tasman.

Our design and control processes allow us to burst like this and provide excellent services. We do not just provide services to end customers like yourself, but also IT Service Providers, which puts us in a prime position as a trusted partner for everyone. We are positioning ourselves, as a trusted broker for all IT Architectural Services.

We believe good design underpins all aspects of IT, that is why we can provide exceptional Professional Services and IT Managed Services.

Our design and control processes allow us to burst like this and provide excellent services.

The Results

Our difference is that we take total responsibility for the success of every customer’s investment in the delivery of technology solutions. From technology through to processes, services and support, we partner directly with our customers to ensure their ongoing success.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative enterprise business solutions that set the standard for others to follow. Our customers rely on us to not only provide innovative technology solutions. This is coupled with our significant experience and value-added implementation services, including integration, support, education and account and project management.

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