The Company

Neami National is a community mental health service supporting people living with mental illness.

The company’s ultimate goal is to help clients improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goals.

Neami provides services in the inner city, remote and regional areas of Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

The Challenge

As an evolving business, Neami had undergone a number of significant changes which included their IT network.

These changes brought about the need for improved team collaboration and effectiveness, new processes and models and uplifted ITIL practices.

Our Solution

As acting manager, Comans’ approach was to help uplift the work practices and collaboration through a series of workshops, coaching and mentoring.

We devised a plan to do the following:

Stage 1: Perform a current state assessment by documenting and interviewing everyone

Stage 2: Designing a future state operating model with processes and procedures

Stage 3: Develop and deliver on the implementation roadmap for an improved operating model within IT

The Result

Comans delivered on improved work practices and a higher satisfaction level company wide.

By uplifting ITIL practices such as root cause analysis, problem management, change and incident managment, we helped to deliver a better service to Neami National staff and customers.

By re-aligning team capability and vendor relationship strategy, we enabled Neami to adopt a more robust cloud and outsourced structure.

The results are a more efficient and happier IT team; Neami now knows where each teams’ inputs and outputs are and are far more efficient overall.

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