From Runbooks in Azure Automation to microservices using docker, we make sure your on-premises environment and cloud environment are automated and running perfectly.

We can work with and help you with:

  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Azure Runbooks
  • Powershell Runbooks

Increase efficiency and accuracy

Train bots to accurately handle repetitive manual tasks so your workforce can get more done and focus on strategic, high-value contributions.

Build scripts in a secure environment

Run and manage scripts in a centralized environment to enable end-to-end automation protected by Microsoft security technology.

Network Planning and Design

You need a hybrid cloud enabled network to take full advantage of hybrid automation, we can help you design and implement a network that can be used for managing both cloud and onprem resources, all inside your runbooks in azure.

Micro Services Architecture

We can help you design and use Web Services and Web Hooks, to help trigger or automate infrastructure tasks as needed.

On demand Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure can be automated and made available on demand, for any business process you have. Comans uses the power of Power Automate , Azure runbook and hybrid workers to help you not only automate tasks, but also manage infrastructure on demand and as required.

No more tickets to IT, resources are made available as required , for each business process you need it for.